Les Cleias

the magic
of connection


LES CLEIAS jewelry has a chic, urban PARISIAN style; its spirit is LIGHT, poetic, and romantic.
Our creations express grace and spontaneity, SUBTLETY and sensitivity – and a vast sense of creative FREEDOM.
We select and play with an UNLIMITED array of materials and designs.
The act of selecting is an art of its own – an art of making choices and decisions to compose a well-balanced range of pieces.


The creations of LES CLEIAS are DIVERSE and SYMBOLIC with their infinite colors that invite CONNECTIONS.
They are for boutiques and customers on the look-out for something new.




We play with the peacock’s outburst of colors to breathe life into our creations.


Chloé Keomany, the founder of LES CLEIAS, is always creating, allowing her imagination to float – perhaps turned one way by a curious detail, then another by an unexpected new discovery, or letting a facet of everyday life catch her by surprise.


The inspiration for our creations is drawn from a lush IMAGINARY world.
Exploring through ART, sending messages, embracing the world … and creating.

Discover three examples of the inspirations expressed in our costume jewelry.
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