The myth
of cleia


In Greek mythology, CLEIA is a WATER GODDESS who is transformed by Zeus into a STAR that is part of the Hyades star cluster. CLEIA is our MUSE, the source of our inspiration and creativity, and the natural name of our brand.

CLEIA’s faithful companion is the PEACOCK, a powerful protector who watches over her while she sleeps at night. During the day, it carries CLEIA on its back when she rides forth, spreading its train with both grace and BEAUTY.
When the peacock struts and fans its plumage, every shade and hue is on display. Our designs follow the peacock’s lead in using multiple COLORS and reflections.
Our jewelry bears a MESSAGE for each and every one of us. Every detail suggests subtle symbolism and protection, and each design attracts positive energy while creating a bond.


Chloé keeps her eyes on the stars – she initiates, STIMULATES, and encourages, inviting us on a journey through an IMAGINARY, MAGICAL world with her creations. Balanced between the two, the sales and support teams serve clients day-to-day.

With their combination of KNOW HOW, responsiveness, and dedication to customer service, all three teams come together to deliver playful collections A STEP AHEAD of the trends, and offer you a unique EXPERIENCE.

No success is possible without the support of a professional team. With this principle in mind, Chloé Keomany insists on working with a team she trusts, talented artists who are both reliable and complementary.
The team remains firmly grounded in its focus on DETAIL and PERFECTION. They carefully select the finest materials and beads, and choose partners for constructive long-term relationships, thereby guaranteeing reliable service.

Their Parisian style is young, INVENTIVE and colorful. Each piece of jewelry is conceived as a work of art, creating a GRACEFUL and harmonious store atmosphere. As a result, each customer will surely find the talisman piece to match her mood.